Temporary Road Closure

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Temporary Road Closure Conditions and Process


  1. 1. PROCESSING TIME All applications shall be made in writing on this form by the following times: (1) for exhibitions, fairs, shows, markets, concerts, film-making, sports, parades, festivals or other public functions, 60 days before the event; (2) for construction / infrastructure activities, 10 days before the event.


  1. 2. PAYMENT The applicant will pay a fee of $465.22 incl. GST. This fee provides for the cost of advertising.


  1. 3. PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE Council does not accept responsibility for any damage from or associated with the road closure. The applicant is required to show evidence of Public Liability Insurance to the value of $2 million.


  1. 4. ALCOHOL If alcohol is to be sold on road reserve, an alcohol special licence will need to be obtained before the road closure application can be granted. Special licence applications must be lodged at least 20 working days before the event. If alcohol is to be supplied (not sold) and the road reserve is an alcohol ban area, an exemption permit will need to be applied for. See www.nelson.govt.nz for more information on alcohol ban areas and alcohol licensing. Search phrase = “alcohol licensing”.


  1. 5. NOISE from the event on road reserve that exceeds the noise limits specified in the Nelson Resource Management Plan will need resource consent approval before the closure application is granted. Contact the duty planner for further information.


  1. 6. EMERGENCY ACCESS With few exceptions, emergency vehicle access must be available to all areas of the closed road at all times.


  1. 7. SPECIAL VEHICLE ROUTES Council will consult with transport operators on special routes, e.g. heavy vehicle routes and bus routes.


  1. 8. POLICE Council will consult with the Nelson Police and other emergency services about their approval (or not) of the closure.


  1. 9. ADVERTISING (Events Only) Council will advertise the applicant’s proposal to close the roads in a publication circulating the district and on its website. The first advertisement will call for feedback by the public. The second advertisement will inform of Council’s decision to allow the closure or not.


  1. 10. DISTRIBUTING THE ADVERTISEMENT The applicant shall distribute the first advertisement to all residential and business properties directly affected by the closure. For some closures, evidence of the property owner’s and property tenant’s receipt of the advertisement will be necessary.


  1. 11. TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT PLAN The applicant shall supply a Traffic Management Plan to Council to show how the road closure will be implemented and how traffic will be safely provided for. In most cases, a qualified Site Traffic Management Supervisor will be required to implement the plan on-street. Approval of the plan by Council is necessary before the road closure application can be granted.


  1. 12. SITE CLEAN UP The repair of any damage or cleaning required following the road closure will be charged to the applicant. The applicant is responsible to ensure that the area used is left in a clean and tidy condition and to provide litter bins where appropriate.


  1. 13. RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL Notwithstanding any approvals given, Council reserves the right at any time to amend the conditions, withdraw permission for the road closure to proceed, or close down any activity where it becomes apparent that there is, or could be, a threat to public safety or property, or where the Council’s property may be damaged.


  1. 14. OTHER CONDITIONS The above are the normal conditions. Council reserves the right to set others as the circumstances warrant


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