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Isel Park

Facility Location
Main Rd Stoke
Facility Contact Phone
03 546 0200
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Customer service
Isel Park
Isel Park
Isel Park
Isel Park
Isel Park
Isel Park


Isel Park is administered by the Nelson City Council and the gardens are available for weddings. The charge for booking is $53 inc GST. This is non-refundable. Please contact the Council directly if you wish to stage an event larger than a wedding (for example over 200 guests). Isel Park contains many remarkable trees. Go for a voyage of discovery in this heritage woodland that bursts alive in a glorious show in spring, provides cool restful spaces in summer and celebrates autumn with a riot of colour. Isel Park is famous for containing one of the oldest stands of mixed conifers and other exotic trees in New Zealand. For more information visit

You may use this online service to book a park and pay by credit card. For other payment options, please visit Nelson City Council on Trafalgar Street.

The booking does not include the Isel House.
Please note that the wedding party will not have exclusive use of the area, but it does mean that we can manage any other planning activities or events in the parks.

Booking a park exclusively
No public parks can be booked exclusively. Council is not always notified about all activities or events happening in our parks. We cannot guarantee that small parties such as a birthday party or other event will not be happening at the same time as your event. While the Council would not knowingly double book any park for a wedding, we cannot guarantee exclusivity. Generally, there have been few problems with double-ups as most people are aware that they need to contact the Council if they want to use a park for a large event.


  • Key required for vehicles ($35)


  • Power available on request ($35)

Available for Bookings:

  • Excludes Isel House.
    Isel Park is a woodland park with large lawn areas & attractive displays of spring bulbs and Rhododendrons.

    Fees are non-refundable


    • Power available on request ($35)


    • Power/vehicle access available on request ($35)

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